Augmented Reality opens new doors for Skantrae

Skantrae innovates continuously and that has led to the company now has a leading market position. The group uses advanced augmented reality technologies to offer the customer an optimal experience and thus better advice.

Skantrae from Zevenaar has been active for over 40 years in the Dutch and Belgian door market.The company has a very wide range of products and services and operates through a network of dealers. The company now has a leading market position. The group uses advanced augmented reality technologies to offer the customer an optimal experience and thus better advice. To this end, Skantrae worked closely with Recreate.

Virtual door in you livingroom

Since 2014, Recreate has been working on innovative and disruptive 
technology, which is fully adapted to the unique situation of the customer. Because perception plays an increasingly important role, Recreate translates these techniques into Augmented and Virtual Reality. Skantrae, part of Deli Home, sought the cooperation with Recreate with innovation in mind. “The result is a mobile Augmented Reality tool with which users can access more than 250 Skantrae interior doors. In their own living space”, says Remco Koppenol, Manager Purchase & Marketing at Skantrae. “Users can download a demand-driven app on their smartphone or tablet. By using the camera function of the device, they can make a door virtually visible in their own home. In this way, the dealer or potential customer can see which door best fits into the interior.”

Paper Brochure comes to life

In addition to the lifesize Augmented Reality function, the Skantrae app also offers the option to view various doors from the inner doors brochure in 3D. This can be done simply by placing the brochure on the table and pointing the camera at a page with the app icon. This gives the user an even better picture of the door before he actually sees it. 


Augmented Reality is a technology that connects reality and the virtual world. In Dutch, ‘Augmented Reality’ literally means: addition to reality. It enables a supplier like Skantrae to add an extra dimension to static product information. Koppenol: “The customer immediately sees how a door fits into his interior and that is a unique experience. The customer experience is so good that the customer is more inclined to view the price list on the Skantrae website or to contact a dealer in the neighbourhood.”
As a result, Skantrae automatically recouped the investment in this mobile app. Three quarters of the app users end up on the website. It is then a matter of converting these ‘hot leads’. The Skantrae app is very simple to use. “It has to be,” says Remco Koppenol. “If the user has to search for functionality or buttons for a long time, he will drop out. In the app, the user opens his camera and the room in question is displayed. The user then selects one of the interior doors via a clear selection menu and adds it to the room virtually and in 3D. A new reality emerges on the screen: the existing space merges with the chosen door.” The user can swing through the Skantrae range and determine which door, with which type of glass, best fits in his space. Then he chooses the details of the door such as the colour, the door fitting and to get a good impression of the end result.
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