Our Customers cases

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AWL Hololens Remote Assist

This solution enables a representative of the customer upon the expertise of an AWL representative. The AWL representative does not need to be on-site; he/she can support the customer from a remote location.

Johan Cruijff Arena Hololens App

In a joint collaboration with the Johan Cruijff Innovation Arena, Recreate has developed an HoloLens application.

Verosol Customer case

Since the founding of Verosol in 1965, the products have been designed to contribute to significant energy savings and a comfortable living environment.

Skantrae Customer case

Skantrae innovates continuously and that has led to the company now has a leading market position. The group uses advanced augmented reality technologies to offer the customer an optimal experience and thus better advice.

Jumbo Customer case

Jumbo is a heavy lift-shipping and offshore transport and installation contractor. Jumbo has been developing groundbreaking solutions for maritime transport for over 50 years. 

Europarcs Customer case

Each and every one of the EuroParcs resorts is located in a unique location. Each park enjoys its own characteristic location, beautiful surroundings with high quality facilities and facilities on and around the resort.

Kees Smit showroom

Kees Smit uses a virtual showroom to let customers visit the showroom virtually and 24 hours a day. This leads to more sales online. Click on view case to view the application

Dura Vermeer Customer case

Dura Vermeer imports 3D BIM model into Microsoft HoloLens to build virtually.

Photonis Customer case

Photonis is a global market leader in the development of luminance amplifiers for defence, aerospace and commercial purposes. Photonis produces Nightvision products that are used in night vision, weapons and other applications.