Each and every one of the Europarcs resorts is located in a unique location. Each resort enjoys its own characteristic location, beautiful surroundings with high quality facilities in and around the resort.

About Europarcs

Europarcs is a company that has two main pillars. The first one is developing luxury resorts on amazing locations throughout the world. With an average of three new locations a year, it is one of the fastest growing investing companies in the world of leisure. With their unique way of thinking and their exceptional way of creating and designing new resorts it is a company worth taking a look at when talking about a modern business. The second pillar is the leisure part itself, after finishing the construction of the resort. Every resort is a child friendly and modern in every sense of the word. Not only does every resort have its own theme it also is always located in a prime location. All the houses are modern and luxurious.  


We are glad to have a modern thinking company as Europarcs in our client base. The way of thinking, handling and doing things differently then the rest of the world makes it a perfectly fit for the things we stand for. Talking about the applications we build for Europarcs; 60% of the time we spend on making applications suitable for fairs like the "Second Home beurs" the other 40% we've spend on time making suitable sale stools. With the tools we try to make it easier for the costumers of Europarcs to see whole picture of Resorts yet to come. Working with 3D models, virtual reality solutions and interactive applications it's easier than ever to envision the end result.



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