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Event: Industrial Reality 2020 'AR/VR Beyond the Hype'

March 5th, Zwolle the Netherlands 

What Recreate stands for

We are driven by our vision to help you optimize your processes using the latest technology to become the leader in your industry. We are familiar with the latest technologies such as the Microsoft HoloLens and its possibilities. With our industry expertise we will be able to help you to use these technologies to solve potential industry challenges. Our team is passionate about making smart links between the old and new world, for example between ERP and the world of virtual reality. This puts Recreate in a unique position to integrate the latest technologies into your business, making it future proof. 

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What makes Recreate stand out?


Recreate is a company fully dedicated to utilizing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for business purposes. With a team of highly skilled people, we are using technology to generate business value for our customers. Recreate is driven by business improvements and we can advise you in which technology fits best for your purpose. Recreate offers consultancy, technical developments and advisory work for the full stack of AR|MR and VR all under one roof.


Build a better tomorrow, Recreate today!

Roy Kamphuis, Managing Director and Founder

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